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The Features module is an essential element for keeping configurations, views, panels ...
We will deal especially here with the Drupal 8 version.

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The features module enables the capture and management of features in Drupal. A feature is a collection of Drupal entities which taken together satisfy a certain use-case.

Features provides a UI and API for taking different site building components from modules with exportables and bundling them together in a single feature module. A feature module is like any other Drupal module except that it contains additional information in its info file so that configuration can be checked, updated, or reverted programmatically.

Examples of features might be:

  • A blog
  • A pressroom
  • An image gallery

Drupal 8

For Drupal 8, we've rewritten Features from the ground up. If you're coming from a previous version of Drupal, you'll find some great new enhancements but also a familiar user interface for editing features. A beta version of Features 8.x-3.x is available. If you are updating from a previous alpha release, please make sure to read the release notes carefully for updating instructions. If you simply need to export and deploy simple site configuration, the D8 configuration management system should be used instead of Features. You will use Features in D8 to export bundled functionality (like a "photo gallery feature").

The Drupal 8 version of Features requires the Configuration Update Manager module.

The 7.x-2.x version

The 2.x branch greatly changes (and hopefully improves) the user interface of the Create/Recreate Features screen. In addition, it adds new functionality including:

  • Ability to write your feature export directly to the Drupal file system (like drush fu).
  • Ability to remove auto-detected items from your export.
  • Ability to work with conflicting features.

The 7.x-2.x version is very compatible with feature exports created from the 7.x-1.x version. However, User Permission features will need to be re-exported, and Field features will be split into Field_Base and Field_Instance exports the next time you export. See New Field Bases and Instances in Features for more info.

There are currently no plans to port this new interface or new functionality to Drupal 6.

The 7.x-1.x version

The 1.x branch is no longer supported and is seeking a maintainer here:


Drupal 8

Drupal 7

Related Modules

Drupal 8

  • Configuration Development provides automated import and export of configuration between the active configuration storage and exported modules.
  • Config Menu Link, a drop-in replacement for core's Custom Menu Link module, enables export of menu links, including to Features.
  • Configuration Tools is a package of modules that help to manage Drupal 8 configuration files.
  • Configuration Update Manager provides a report that allows you to see the differences between the configuration items provided by the current versions of your installed modules, themes, and install profile, and the configuration on your site. From this report, you can also import new configuration provided by updates, and revert your site configuration to the provided values.
  • Configuration Synchronizer: Provides methods for safely importing site configuration from updated modules and themes.

Drupal 7

Other resources

Drupal 7

Supporting organizations: 

Replace Features with Config Split on project page description

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Traduire le module Features


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