The aim is to participate in the ecosystem conversion under dynamic Drupal version 8, to allow meetings, exchanges, projects ... and to think about what we do with this great tool!

You can support the Cévennes Camp 2016 on, contributing actively, participating in workshops or subscribing a formula of support or sponsorship.

Experience intelligent semi-holiday in a decreasing and participatory atmosphere for développeur and passionate who wish to meet, be quiet when necessary, in a rural setting and an inspirational biodiversity ...

3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months of meetings, workshops and free contributions, around the ethical uses of the web and their Drupal applications.

The CCC puts at disposal many rooms and workstations with broadband connections, accommodation and buffet Vegetarian Organic will, lunch and dinner on request, permaculture gardens, proposals for walks, rivers, mountains, ruins and festivals at will, ...

The workshop program is co-created on, registrations are possible here and also by phone, until the day before.

Thanks to our partners, who have chosen to support the project or to sponsor seats, and volunteers CCC and Ekomundi Associations. The cost of living is reduced for enthusiasts. You can come with your family and consider children activities.

Drupal ecosystem is complex, the stakes are high, the community is still abound. We will be able to exchange relaxed way, shift the gaze from the large number of possible approaches and enrich our experiences.

Regular contributions, from Camp could attend boost trade and progress of the community concerning the transfer under D8.

The objective is :     

  • Keep watch on hot topics,
  • Organizing translations of sprints,
  • Proceed with the upgrade of d7 modules to D8,
  • Testing Modules, reporting bugs, documenting,
  • Contribute to the development of modules,
  • To create new profiles,
  • Share with the community,
  • Keep an IRC permanently,
  • Releasing our creativity,
  • ...

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