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Association pour des outils web libres et utiles
Le projet Ekomundi

The Ekomundi association aims to participate in the emergence of an open, ethical and useful web. It's goal is to implement free, complete and organic platforms for activists and citizens use.

Also to participate in the free development of Drupal and its influence, she proposes to lead a team that shares and maintain multiple installation profiles.

IF you want to integrate this team, we invite you to meet us and to volunteer a few weeks in the current phase of finalizing a working Drupal 8 model.

The association shall bear the accommodation and meals in the waning techno-rural atmosphere of experimentation center alternative of the Creative Collective Castellas in Besseges.

The crowdfunding campaign boot, scheduled for late 2016, and the services offered on subscription, will aim to remunerate participants dice, 2017.

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