When: Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018, (All day)

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After translating the documentation of the module to better put the terms in their context, and after several checks in situation, I finally import a translation file on the localize server. There were 66 existing translations and 38 proposals out of a total of 262 terms. So I added 158.

I hope these translations respect the canons of localize and the French translation group. I relied on the glossary but still had to make choices sometimes delicate. I tried to keep an overall coherence and to respect the concepts of the modules.

The goal is that this module, which seems to me very useful to export configuration packages and generate installation profiles under Drupal 8, is better understood by French speakers so that they can make the most of them. .

At the same time that I finished this work, the Nashville DrupalCon was taking place during which Mike Potter advised to stop using this module in favor of Config Split.

Nevertheless, I will certainly continue to use it because it gives me a large esimplicity configuration export management.

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