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A context is where a payment is created, such as a webshop module that needs a customer to pay for an order, or a sign-up form for an event.
Line item
Any unique item paid for by a payment. A payment can have several line items, such as the different kinds of products it pays for or transaction or shipping fees.
A representation of an attempted real-world transfer of money. It does not matter whether this transfer is still pending, or whether it failed or was succesful, because the payment's entire history is stored for future reference.
Payment method
A payment method is the configuration for a payment method controller. By separating logic (the controller) and configuration, an infinite number of payment methods of the same type can be made.
Payment method controller/payment method type
A payment method controller is the logic that actually executes a payment using a particular service, such as Paypal or credit card processing. Controller is the name used in the code, whereas type is the name used in the user interface.

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